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He was regarded, in contemporary terms, as a cadet , who could not be welcomed according to the same rules that applied to high-ranking ruling figures. Already in , when Prince Ferdinand — the third-born son of Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria — joined the Bavarian heir to the throne on his journey, a fundamental principle was established in the imperial court: The same process was repeated in the case of Xavier: The reason lies in the closer family relations.

This family relation made it possible to ease the formal ceremonial regulations: With these future family relations in mind and considering political interests namely that without a male heir, the principality would have devolved to the Habsburgs , Prince Ercole Rinaldo was given special attention and the ceremonial rules were eased in some aspects. The deference toward higher-ranking persons, the appropriate form of ceremony, was compulsory for visitors to the court. The form of interaction could be either ceremonial according to rules applied as norms , or in the case of less honourable guests, more informal.

In the eighteenth century the members of the court tried to avoid strict ceremonies by choosing incognito, a way of interaction that concealed their rank, and like this, the interactions did not take place in a formal manner. Nevertheless, they have something in common as well, namely — according to the prevailing customs of the era — that they all travelled incognito on their and visits.

He travelled as a lower-rank personality compared to his original title, choosing a name of one of his domains or towns: According to the handbook of Moser, the famous German state journalist, the use of incognito can be explained largely by the intention of saving on travel expenses, which would have been much higher when using titles. In the course of a public — therefore ceremonial — audience, one high-ranking visitor electors, persons in ruling position or heirs to the throne expressed their respects to the emperor, 23 while a private audience, which was applied for low-ranking princes who were not heirs to a throne, was staged without any ceremonial aspects or at most, with moderate opulence.

According to Moser in case of a private audience it was sufficient to apply directly to the official responsible for managing the appointment, namely the premier marshal of the household or the chamberlain.

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To provide more effective guidance, Count Flemming compiled auxiliary material in , in which he listed the officials to apply to in case the princes required an appointment with one of the members of the imperial family. Their entourage usually comprised army officers, and in case of Albert and Clemens, also a general as seneschal. The emperor — as determined in accordance with the ceremonial regulations — took several steps toward the visitor and had a conversation with him, more than twenty-five minutes long.

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During this event a further sign of generosity appears worthy of attention: During official audiences the emperor received his visitors sitting in an armchair, while the guests sat on simpler seats prepared for them beforehand. Here again, special procedures can be observed: It was an exceptional generosity given that in the case of private audiences with foreign envoys, ordinarily the court chamberlain waited in the centre of the court room, met the visitors standing without taking a step, and did not leave the room.

Generally, at the end of the audience, on request, the visitor was given the opportunity to introduce the members of his entourage waiting in the entrance hall to the emperor and empress, who accepted their hand kisses.

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This procedure was in practice in , in and in as well. Oddly, and for reasons unknown, Prince Xavier forgot to request it during the audience he was allowed to attend with the emperor. All the above were modified further by the existence of blood relationships and family relations which made it possible again to evade formal ceremonial regulations. Accordingly, he had to apply for separate audiences with every member of the family and, moreover, the high-ranking visitor was formally received and announced by the tutors.

During his several months in Vienna, he paid his respects to the archdukes on several occasions without any ceremony, but a request for audience was submitted every time in advance through the envoy of Modena. The first visit to relatives to pay respects took place in a simple and more informal manner. The archdukes in question had been informed in advance as a matter of course. The Zeremonialprotokoll applies the following terms regarding this fashion of visit: The archdukes feigned surprise as well and took some steps toward Albert and his companion.

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The short visit took place standing and walking instead of sitting in armchairs. In Xavier also visited them the following day, only he did not wait until the arrival of the response and the time of the appointment, since he had returned to his residence earlier. They conducted an incognito visit lacking ceremony in , and again in Xavier was visited only after a week due to an inflammation of his eyes, but the three oldest archdukes paid — an actually inessential — visit demanded by courtesy to Albert and Clemens at their lodgings on 12 January , the day after their audience.

Both visits took place incognito, without displaying any compulsory external opulence ohne aller Ceremonie , all incognito , en surprise. The arriving archdukes were welcomed on the stairs of the building by Count Flemming, who had been notified in advance and escorted them upstairs to the first room. Here the princes hurried to greet them reaching out for their hands.

There were armchairs placed in the room, which Joseph and his siblings did not accept and, similarly to their parents the previous day, they had a conversation with the princes while standing.

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Universität Heidelberg. The advertisers on this site cover the great cities of this region, including Vienna, Bratislava, Prague and Budapest. Escort Bordeaux. However, from time to time, among the visitors who were without a chance of inheriting a throne, several appeared who were considered to be relatives, even cognates. Accordingly, he had to apply for separate audiences with every member of the family and, moreover, the high-ranking visitor was formally received and announced by the tutors. According to the handbook of Moser, the famous German state journalist, the use of incognito can be explained largely by the intention of saving on travel expenses, which would have been much higher when using titles. The others had their meals at another table.

On taking their leave, the Saxon-Polish princes were allowed to go until the top of the stairs with the archdukes who did not let them go further. It again implies that despite the incognito and family relations, they were obliged to comply with the established rules of etiquette. Only the envoy of Saxony and the accompanying noblemen were allowed to join them on their way to the carriages. Usually, the hierarchical order of the court did not allow low-ranking outsiders to be accommodated in the court; it was possible only for the most honourable persons, and only within representative frameworks.

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Providing accommodation and catering for visitors of lower rank was not an easy task: A decisive point was that the Saxon-Polish princes were considered relatives on the maternal side and at the same time, as younger members of the Saxon elector family, did not warrant the implementation of the usual opulent ceremony. These facts led to the collision of two opinions on the issue in Maria Theresa was then of the view that — due to family relations — Prince Xavier should have been provided accommodation in the Hofburg or in the palace of his brother-in-law, Prince Charles of Lorraine.

Today this palace is a part of the Albertina, close to the Augustinerkirche. However, the emperor did not want to deviate from the usual etiquette. Pursuant to his command, new research began to find appropriate examples, but nothing relevant was found for this special situation. The protocol entries only reveal that up to that time Don Emanuel had been provided with accommodation in the Hofburg.

As a result of a discussion concerning the ceremony, the emperor, the empress and the heads of the main court offices concluded that Xavier could not stay in the Hofburg regardless of the fact that his mother was a Habsburg archduchess. As an intermediate solution, the palace of Charles of Lorraine, empty at the time, could have been an appropriate place to stay, but in the meantime Maria Theresa learnt who the owner was: Consequently, allotting accommodation there would have set a precedent, as Xavier would have stayed at one of the buildings of the Hofburg.

Eventually, a practice usually followed in case of similar high-ranking princes was applied: However, knowing that Xavier suffered from a constant inflammation affecting his eyes, to protect him from the presumed damp of this house, Maria Theresa decided to choose another place for the prince. In contrast to this solution, in , the accommodation of Albert and Clemens was arranged in an inn that operated on the Neuer Markt, in the so-called Mehlgruben Building.

The accommodation was reserved by Count Flemming, the envoy of the Saxon court, 38 but all the accommodation expenses for the princes and their entourage were covered by the court. This is not only another sign of generosity towards the princes as relatives, but also a common practice. Strict rules of etiquette were again abandoned with regard to seating arrangements. At the very first court banquet held in , on his right sat Prince Albert and on his left the wife of Prince Adam Auersperg. Prince Clemens was placed at the opposite, shorter side of the table with Maria Theresa and Countess Paar, seneschalle of the empress either side of him.

Of the archdukes only Joseph, the first-born attended the banquet, but several chief court officials and their wives had their meals in their company. The fact that the rules of ceremony were not followed implies the existence of a more informal approach: Moreover, Charles, their brother, visited the Laxenburg residence almost every day in Granting admission to a court event was considered a special favour.

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